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Working Principle of Ball Mill

  • 2017-11-10

Working Principle of Ball Mill

The ball mill is composed of a horizontal cylinder, a hollow shaft, a grinding head, etc., cylinder is equipped with the grinding body, cylinder is made of steel plate, the steel lining plate is fixed with the cylinder. The grinding medium, generally use steel balls, and according to the different diameter and a certain proportion put into the cylinder, the grinding medium use steel rod is also available. Grinding medium is according to the particle size of the grinding material to be selected.

Power Mill Principle

The material is loaded into the barrel by the hollow shaft of the feeding end of the ball mill. When the barrel of the ball mill rotates, grinding medium was taken away by cylinder due to inertia and centrifugal force and frictional force, when brought to a certain height, was dropped due to its own gravitational force, and the falling abrasive body crushed the material in the cylinder like a projectile.

Materials from the feed device through the hollow shaft into the mill uniform first screw into the mill, which has ladder liner or corrugated liner, equipped with different specifications of steel ball, the rotation of the cylinder centrifugal force generated to bring the ball to a certain height then fall, will give a heavy blow and grinding effect to the material.

After the coarse grinding in the first warehouse, enters the second warehouse through the single-layer compartment plate, which has a flat lining board, with steel ball inside, further grind the materials. Powder discharged through the discharge plate and the grinding work is finished.

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