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Installation, Testing and Common Troubleshooting Of Three Drum Dryer

  • 2017-12-14

Installation, Testing and Common Troubleshooting

----Three Drum Dryer

1. Installation

1). Users should complete the foundation construction according to the manufacturer’s drawing and foundation bolt size.

2). The machine should be installed on concrete ground and padded with a suitable thickness of rubber mat.

3). The machine should be checked whether it has damages caused by transportation or disassembly before installation. If it has, should be repaired and then installed.

Industrial Sand Dryer

2. Testing

After the equipment is installed as required, it is necessary to debug it.

Firstly, no-load commissioning: When the equipment is running no-load you need observation these parts: stop wheel, support wheel, whether transmission running is normal, with or without impact and noise; the contact width of roller ring and the support wheel is greater than the 75% of its working width or not.

Whether the both of the cylinder and the gear cover are hermetically sealed, whether the lubricating part of the temperature rise is more than 30 ℃.

If any part is not normal, you should power off immediately, stop the operation of the equipment, debugging until the equipment can operate normally.

If no-load equipment is operating normally, let it load operation, observation, whether there is abnormal, if abnormal, debugging, until its normal operation.

Three Drum Dryer Machine Principle

3. Common Problems and Troubleshooting






Moisture content more

than the specify the value

Overfeeding or

lack of heating

Reduce the amount of feeding, uniform feeding, appropriate to increase hot air temperature, but generally not exceed 700 ~ 800


Heavily vibrating

of the cylinder

Support roller device and the base loose

Correct the roller device position,

and tighten the bolts


Bearing temperature is too high

1. Oil dirty

2. Card axis phenomenon occurs

1. Clean up and give enough lubricant

2. Adjust the bearing axial


Roller ring and support roller are damaged

Support roller or large roller ring wear or shift

Adjust the roller position, if necessary, update roller or change the other roller side to use


Roller ring and barrel have shakes and relative movement

There is no clamping on the side of the seat plate

Tighten the fixing bolt

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