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    تأثير الحجر محطم افتتاح العلف: 820x700-1600x2080mm حجم التغذية: ≤500mm الوضعية: جميع أنواع خام سحق، السكك الحديدية، الطرق السريعة، الطاقة، الاسمنت، المواد الكيميائية، البناء وغيرها من الصناعات. المواد القابلة للتجهيز: طول الجانب من 100 إلى 500 ملم تحت المواد، وقوة ال10

  • فك حجر صغير كسارة للPEع

    PE كسارة الفك افتتاح العلف: 150 × 250-300 × 1300mm حجم التغذية: 125-250mm إنتاج:1-2200 طن / ساعة الوضعية: صناعة التعدين، صناعة الألغام، الصناعة الكيميائية، صناعة الاسمنت، صناعة البناء، صناعة المواد المقاومة للحرارة الخ. المواد القابلة للتجهيز:الحجر الجيري، الحصاة،10

  • مخروط الصخور سحق

    مخروط محطم مخروط القطر:600-2200mm حجم التغذية:35-300mm إنتاج:12-1000t / ساعة الوضعية: المعادن، مواد البناء، بناء الطرق، الصناعة الكيميائية والسيليكات. المواد القابلة للتجهيز: الباريت، الرخام، الكالسيت، كاولين، الفحم، الجبس، الخرسانة، الحصى الأنهار، الجرانيت، ال10

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Double roller Crusher Structure

  • 2019-08-20

The double roller crusher ( smooth surface) consists of a crushing roller, an adjustment device, a spring safety device, drive devie, and a frame.

Crushing roller
It is a parallel rotating roller on the horizontal axis which is the main working mechanism of the crusher. The bearing of one of the rollers is movable, the bearing of the other roller is fixed, and the crushing roller is composed of a shaft, a hub and a roller skin. The roller shaft is keyed to the hub of the conical surface, the roller skin is fixed to the hub, and the three conical arc irons are used to fix them together by bolt nuts. Since the roll skin is in direct contact with the ore, it needs to be replaced from time to time, and it is generally made of high-manganese steel or special carbon steel (chrome steel, chrome-manganese steel, etc.) with good wear resistance.

Adjustment device
The adjusting device is used to adjust the size of the gap between the two crushing rollers (the discharge port), which is controlled by increasing or decreasing the number of gaskets between the two roller bearings, or by adjusting with a worm gear adjusting mechanism. Broken product size.
Spring safety device
It is a very important part of the roller crusher. The degree of spring tension plays an important role in the normal operation and overload protection of the crusher. When the machine is working normally, the pressure of the spring should balance the force generated between the two rollers to maintain the gap between the discharge ports and make the product evenly uniform. When the crusher enters a non-broken object, the spring should be compressed, forcing the movable crushing roller to move laterally, and the width of the discharge opening is increased to ensure that the machine is not damaged. After the non-broken object is removed, the spring returns to its original state and the machine works as usual. During the working process of the crusher, the safety spring is always in a vibrating state, so the spring is easily fatigued and damaged, and must be inspected frequently and regularly.
Drive Device
The motor drives the two crushing rolls to rotate in opposite directions by a V-belt (or a gear reduction device) and a pair of long-toothed gears. The gear is a special standard long tooth. When the crusher enters a non-broken object, the distance between the two rollers will change. At this time, the long tooth gear can still ensure normal meshing. However, such long-toothed gears are difficult to manufacture, often stuck or broken during work, gear repairs are also difficult, and noise is high during operation. Therefore, the long-toothed gear transmission is mainly used for a two-roller crusher with a low number of revolutions, and the peripheral speed of the surface of the roller is less than $m%. A crusher with a higher number of revolutions (circumferential speed greater than & m% seconds) often uses a separate motor to drive the two rollers to rotate, which requires the installation of two motors (or two sets of reduction gears), which is more expensive.

The frame is usually cast in cast iron or welded or riveted in profiled steel. The frame structure must be strong.

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