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Daily Maintenance Of Rotary Dryer

  • 2017-12-14

Daily Maintenance Of Rotary Dryer

In order to extend equipment's work life, operation more safely, when after the construction, we need to give maintenance of the dryer equipment.

1. Checking the gas supply every time before use, add lubricating oil when the oil level is insufficient, and discharge stored water.

2. Cotton mesh filter must be cleaned before use. If filter plug, air volume will be reduced, will produce slow drying, cannot drying the materials and also a waste of energy.

3. The drying temperature set according to the material, when drying materials, the Mineral Rotary Dryer needs to preheated to 80 ℃ first, and then turn off the gas, giving cold wind for 20 minutes.

4. After the drying operation, please adjust the temperature adjustment clamor knob to 0 degrees to reduce the improper start, which can extend the life of the solenoid valve.

5. When finishing work, wipe the equipment with soft cotton cloth, in order to keep the appearance clean; clean the flocculation in the dust box, ensure ventilation, and make the equipment work effective.

6. Add lubricating oil to the bearing and other moving parts. The lubricating oil injected must be cleaned. the seal must be good to reduce friction. The sealing must be good to reduce friction. Check belt tensioning force, adjust pulley. It is easy to loosen and shed after shaking, including electrical wiring, rocker arm of door, pipeline connection and so on.

7. Pay attention to the wear and tear of the wear parts, and replace the worn parts in time.

8. Regularly clean up the slag cotton on Ore Drum Dryer Machine heat bars, when found that temperature difference is big between thermo regulator and thermometer, normally ±5℃, may be the heat rod is not in place or there are cotton wool on the heat bars.

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